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Mental Health Day Podcast 17: Character Strengths with Dr. Ryan Niemiec


Extra-super nice guy Dr. Ryan Niemiec talks about character strengths, mindfulness and positive psychology. We don’t always have to focus on pathology to feel better, we can build on our strengths and practice using what is “right” with us.Dr. Niemiec is the author of books like Mindfulness and Character Strengths, Positive Psychology at the Movies (1 & 2) and Movies and Mental Illness. We also talk about the Via Institute’s free, online character strengths survey that anyone can take (we even talk about Dr. Finnerty’s results in the episode).


Mental Health Day #16: You Need Help! with Dr. Mark Komrad


Do you know someone you’d like to help get in to mental health treatment? Psychiatrist Dr. Mark Komrad is the author of the book “You Need Help! A Step-by-Step Plan to Convince a Loved One to Get Counseling.” Dr. Komrad talked with Dr. Finnerty about how people can go about encouraging their loved ones to seek treatment when needed.


Mental Health Day Podcast #14: Dr. Ellen Leibenluft on DMDD and Bipolar Kids in DSM-5


Dr. Todd Finnerty talks with Dr. Ellen Leibenluft. She was a member of the  DSM-5 Child and Adolescent Disorders work group and  does research on kids with bipolar disorder and kids with severe, chronic irritability at the NIMH. She is responsible for the research leading to the new DSM-5 diagnosis Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD). While the last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with “more toxic” medications like antipsychotics, many of these children do not actually have a bipolar disorder. Children with chronic, severe irritability do not necessarily have bipolar disorder– especially if they don’t have clear, distinct manic episodes. These children have a better “diagnostic home”  (now termed as  DMDD) under DSM-5. They may benefit from “less toxic” treatment approaches. Listeners can also hear how kids around the USA can participate in Dr. Leibenluft’s research. Find the details and more DMDD resources at our website http://www.mentalhealthday.org


Mental Health Day 13: Sport Psychology, Psychotherapy & Exercise


Darla L. Sedlacek, Ph.D., is a psychologist in northeast Ohio, a Certified Personal Trainer, coach, educator, and avid athlete. She works with coaches, athletes and even regular folks like the rest of us. She has an interesting practice and serves as a reminder that if we’re having emotional concerns we can’t neglect things like exercise. Check out  my great conversation with Dr. Sedlacek on how sport psychology can help all of us.


Mental Health Day Podcast 12: An Interview with Dr. Irvin Yalom


Dr. Irvin Yalom is one of the most influential psychotherapists ever (and was a very nice guy on the podcast). Dr. Yalom came to the podcast and talked about his books and other topics. While many of Dr. Yalom’s books are for a general audience, he says he writes them for the “secret audience” of young psychotherapists. Check out this great interview for yourself now!


Mental Health Day Podcast #11: 1-2-3 Magic Parenting with Dr. Thomas Phelan


Part 2 of our parenting “double feature” features psychologist Dr. Thomas Phelan talking about the 1-2-3  Magic approach to managing kids’ behavior issues. Parents often “count” when their children are misbehaving but are they doing it “right?” Learn how to use this approach effectively (without all of the nagging).


Mental Health Day Podcast 10: Dr. Alan Kazdin on Parenting


Podcast 10 is the first part of a “Parenting Double Feature.” Podcast 11 will also be on parenting. Podcast 10 features Dr. Alan Kazdin who is a psychologist with a “black belt” in parenting, an evidence-based approach to working with defiant kids and a great sense of humor. He is a Past President of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Kazdin is known for many things including authoring books on Parent Management Training and The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child.


Mental Health Day Podcast 9: Depression and Anxiety with David D. Burns, MD


The author of the #1 most recommended self-help book on depression (which has sold millions of copies) comes by the podcast to talk about ways people can reduce their depression and anxiety. David D. Burns, MD describes techniques for dealing with anxiety and depression and talks Cognitive Therapy as well as a newer approach called T.E.A.M. Therapy. Find out how the way you’re thinking might be impacting whether or not you’re “feeling good.”


Mental Health Day 8: Procrastination with Dr. Linda Sapadin


I was going to write a podcast description but… I put it off. Episode 8! Dr. Linda Sapadin, psychologist and author, stops by the podcast to talk to us about procrastination. What type of procrastinator are you? Never put off listening to this podcast until tomorrow if you can listen to it today!


Mental Health Day 7: Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Aging with Dr. Paula Hartman-Stein


Dr. Paula Hartman-Stein, a Clinical Geropsychologist with 30 years of experience, visits the podcast to talk about healthy aging and memory concerns. She has done a lot of innovative and interesting things with her practice and people interested in aging and memory concerns should take notice. See if you can guess which is mightier… the pen or the pill.